VX1 - Usb Expression Pedal - Vervetronix

VX1 – Usb Expression Pedal


VX1 - Usb Expression Pedal - vervetronix

VX1 – Usb Expression Pedal – vervetronix


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• USB based expression pedal.
• Plug and play expression pedal for computers and Mac.
• Works with Mac, Windows and Linux.
• Does not alter any audio signal.
• Assign your favourite effects like Wah, Volume, Pitch shifter, Envelope filter effects etc.
• Easy to assign parameter control.
• Works with Logic, Abelton Live, Guitar Rig, Cubase etc
• One pedal assignable to multiple expressions through your DAW.
• Ideal for all musicians (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboard players and anyone who uses MIDI)
• Easy Midi assignment capability.