Dynamo – Analog Linear Power Supply for Pedals

Dynamo – Analog Linear Power Supply for Pedals


Dynamo - Analog Linear Power Supply for Pedals
Dynamo - Analog Linear Power Supply for Pedals

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VerveTronix DynamoX Isolated power supply Features

8 Isolated 9VDC outlets.

Centre negative and barrel positive polarity makes it suitable for almost every pedal. All the outputs can be used simultaneously. Isolated supply eliminates ground loop issues normally faced when using a daisy chain for supplying power to multiple pedals. DynamoX includes one polarity cable to power pedal with reverse polarity. Dynamo has 6 outlets with current of 100mA each and 2 outlets with high power current of 250mA at each rail.

Short Circuit protection and indicator.

Dynamo individual outputs are short-circuit protected. If your pedal malfunctions or there is short in power cable current supply to that pedal will be disconnected temporarily and LED indicator will turn off indicating to disconnect the supply to that pedal. However all the other outputs will be functional at the same time.

Regulators and filters for each outputs.

Ensures reliable operation free of hum and noise.

Toroidal transformer with ground shield.

Effects like Wah are susceptible to electrical field that is generated by power transformers causing hum and noise. Dynamo’s toroidal transformer core is designed to minimise this electric field delivering a quiet performance.

LED indicator for each output.

Incase of short circuit in the pedal or power cable the LED for that rail will turn off indicating malfunction in the rail.

Switchable power tap 115V-230V mains. 

You can choose the mains supply depending upon the country you are travelling. If you are in USA or Canada set the switch at 115V. Most of the Asian and European countries have 230V in their mains supply. You should check the mains supply before switching the power tap switch of Dynamo.

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