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Dynamo & DynamoX

  • What is the difference between DynamoX and Dynamo?
    DynamoX has 8 outs at 9VDC with 100mA current for each of them. Dynamo has 8 outs at 9VDC with 6 outs at 100mA each and 2 outs at 250mA each.
  • Does Dynamo and DynamoX have true isolation?
    Yes both the models have true isolation (different grounds for each output) so no ground loops when pedals are connected in parallel.
  • What is the polarity in Dynamo and DynamoX?
    Dynamo and DynamoX have center negative and barrel positive which are the standard requirement for majority of the pedals available in the market.
    *There is a reverse polarity cable supplied with every Dynamo and DynamoX or you can buy them separately from us.
  • How many pedals can I use simultaneously with Dynamo and DynamoX?
    After checking the power requirement of your pedals and connecting them to the right power outlet you can use all (8 pedals) outputs together.
  • Do I need to use Step Up-or Step Down converter when travelling between countries like USA and Europe/Asia?
    NO. Dynamo and DynamoX provides at switchable power tap on the back side of the body. You can simply select 115V or 230V depending upon the location.
    ** It is important to know the mains supply voltage before toggling the switch. Disconnect all cable and power code before switching from 115V-230V or vice-versa.
  • How do I know what is my pedal current consumption or requirement?
    You can check at the back of your pedal or near the power connecting jack. If you cannot find any information on your pedal you need to check the pedal manual or ask the manufacturer.
    However if your pedal runs on a 9V battery than your pedal consumption is lesser than 20mA or 40mA. In this case you can choose DynamoX. There some power hungry pedals and if you have requirement of 250mA you can choose Dynamo as it provides 2 outlets at 250mA of current for each.
    *Note: If your current requirement is higher than specifications of Dynamo and DynamoX kindly do not connect them to any of these models.
  • When I connect the pedal to Dynamo/DynamoX the LED for that rail goes off?
    Dynamo/DynamoX has built in malfunction/short circuit indicator for each power outlet. This indicates the malfunction/short circuit of either the pedal or in the DC link cable. You should immediately disconnect the cable and the pedal to check further. After disconnecting that power outlet the output rail should re-gain its life and LED should light up.
    Note: However the functions of other rail will continue to be normal.
  • When I switch on the supply none of the LED lights up?
    Check your mains cable if it is connected properly. If the problem still continues take it to the authorised service center or inform the dealer from whom you have purchased the product.
  • What if there are no dealers in my area?
    You can write to us at support@vervetronix.com and we will check and revert back to you.


  • Does MOJO accept Audio Input?
    MOJO is pure controller and will not accept any Audio Input.
  • Which are the softwares are compatible with MOJO?
    MOJO works with popular software like MainStage, Logic Pro(X), Ableton, GuitarRig, Cubase, Nuendo etc.
  • What type of switches are used in MOJO?
    MOJO uses traditional 3PDT switches.
  • Is MOJO compatible with IPAD?
    Unfortunately the current version of MOJO does not have Ipad pin connector cable but Mojo can be connected to IPAD via genuine camera kit or powered USB-Hub.
  • What is the value of Expression pedal in MOJO?
    Controller Message 48 (LSB).
  • Can I connect external expression pedal to Expression IN of MOJO?
    Yes any regular expression pedal likeThe Moog EP-2, Roland EV-5, and M-Audio EX-P etc with TRS pin will work.
    (Tech notes: These pedals TRS pin Sleeve is connected to Ground, Ring is connected to Voltage reference and Voltage control to TIP.
    Note: Some Expression pedals may have reverse polarity so it might work in the reverse way.)
  • What are the CC Messages that are being sent and on which MIDI channel?
    All the MIDI Messages are sent on Channel 1. Bottom 4 buttons sends CC Messages 22, 23, 24 and 25. They toggle between values of 0-127 each time they are pressed. LED ON states Message is sent at 127 and vice-versa.
    Top 4 buttons sends CC Messages 26, 27, 28 and 29. These buttons are normally recommended for Transport panel buttons like RECORD, PLAY, change patches or Bank UP & DOWN etc. These buttons sends Messages at 127 value each time they are toggled.
  • Can I change/program the MIDI Messages?
    MOJO is designed to work out of the box and is Pre-Programmed. MIDI Messages cannot be changed.
  • Do I need to program MIDI Messages in MOJO?
    MOJO comes pre-programmed with CC messages. Does not require addiotnal programming.
  • Can MOJO store my patches or presets?
    MOJO does not store any patches or presets. You can store you patches/presets and other parameters in your DAW! Check our tutorial example of saving presets in your DAW.
  • Do I need to install any additional drivers for MOJO?
    No addtional drivers needed. MOJO is a plug and play device and will work on MACOSX, WINDOWS and LINUX without any need for additional drivers.
  • Does VerveTronix MOJO need external power supply?
    No MOJO does not require external power source. It takes power supply from USB port.

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