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Brainchild of former rock band member and musician Ashish Modasia (aka Ash), VerveTronix is a versatile and carefully crafted line of electronic products generating global footprints in the music instrument (MI) industry.

VerveTronix products are locally manufactured under the discerning direction of Ashish, a first generation entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in the Music Instrument (MI) industry. Having successfully expanded several businesses, retail channels, distribution chains and e-commerce ventures that include product development and instrument servicing, Ash is committed to manufacturing quality products that are ergonomic and matchlessly designed.

The world of music intrigued Ash from an early age. As a child, he would often reassemble his electronic toys and analyze what makes them tick. Consequently, he immersed himself in establishing a one-stop MI repair store that continues to connect with hundreds of amateur and professional musicians worldwide and tends to the custom needs of their versatile instrument(s). Experiencing the world of music as an artist and entrepreneur blessed Ash with the insight and thoughtfulness to create original and meaningful merchandise, resulting in the birth of VerveTronix. Every product at VerveTronix is manufactured with the sole intent to please customers and Ash greatly appreciates client feedback and positive reviews. Consequently, when ordering from VerveTronix, you can be assured of detailed attention to your exact requirements.

VerveTronix aims to create a hands-free environment by providing devices such as MOJO USB MIDI FootController that help musicians seamlessly play instrument(s) without depending on software regulation tools such as keyboards and mice. Since VerveTronix is concerned with simplicity, mass appeal, crowdsourcing, open source platforms and lean profits, our products are not only competitively priced but also state-of-the-art to optimize client satisfaction.

Ashish takes immense pride on being able to assist his customers and therefore requests you to contact him directly for any concerns or inquiries. Our team is pleased to work with you and hopes that you will enjoy navigating our catalog to learn what product might suit your needs best.


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